T.S. Warfleet

Created in 1938 by Vernon McAndrew and Captain Rex Gifford TS Warfleet was set up to train boys from deprived areas for a career as crew on board yachts and merchant vessels. It was set up in conjuncture with the YMCA as a training establishment for British boys for British yachts at Warfleet creek on the river dart, just downstream from Britannia Royal Naval College. The Royal Navy took over this site during World War 2 and were reluctant to give it back after the war ended so TS Warfleet moved to Fairthone House on the river Hamble were training continued.

During the 1950s it was decided that Warfleet should offer sailing and canoeing courses to school children from across the Southampton area. These proved to be so successful that extra dormitory accommodation was added. It continued until 1962 when increased expenses and falling demand made it no longer financially viable to continue. The site was then taken over by the YMCA who used it as an outdoor activity centre for young people.

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