Pangbourne Nautical College

The college was founded in 1917 by Thomas Lane Devitt in order to move the work he had been doing on board his training ships Port Jackson and Medway onto dry land. A 230 acre site was chosen far inland on the banks of the Thames a mile from Pangbourne village, and ironically for its setting miles from the sea it is one of the few nautical training institutions still going. The boarding houses at Pangbourne are known as Divisions. All of the divisions are named after ships operated by the Devitt and Moore Line. They are: Harbinger, Port Jackson, Macquarie, Hesperus, Illawarra, St. George and Dunbar. As the size of the British merchant fleet declined the college dropped 'nautical' from its name in 1969 and shifted emphasis away from training its pupils as future officers in the merchant fleet. However they still wear Royal Naval officer cadet uniform, and with the closure of TSWorchester and TSConway they are the last school in the country that does.


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