Graham Sea Training School

1918 - 1973

Complement 115

The school was initially set up during the First World War in order to give initial training to boys that planned to join the navy later. Obviously the navy was very please with this and supported the school were possible. It was initially housed in the Sea Cadets’ building at Tuthill, but in 1918 it was donated its own building which went by the name of Paradise House and was located just beneath the castle thanks to it being donated by Mr CC Graham. This was not his last gift to the school as in 1925 he bought the school a training ship, the Maisie Graham, which was named after his daughter. This particular vessel was sold on to the Moray Sea Cadet School at Burghead in 1935 and later broken up in 1955, but the school bought another one and continued to have a training ship all the way up into the 1970s under the same name. The school was taken over in 1944 by North Riding and under the new management its curriculum began to change towards the mainstream rather than nautical specialism until in 1973 it was was closed down and merged into the Boys High School. The building was sold off and converted into flats.


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