Royal Navy Officer Cadets

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Regulations respecting naval cadets

Cadet Examination Timetable

Notices on the Cadet Examination


  • Candidates will be examined in the following subjects grouped in Class I. In order to qualify for admission as Naval Cadet. Candidates must obtain such an aggregate of the marks in Arithmetic, Algebra. and Geometry combined, and also in the subjects of Class I. as a whole as shall satisfy the Civil Service Commissioners. Candidates will he permitted to present themselves for examination also in Drawing and one other subject under Class II., for which they will be able to gain additional marks.



Arithmetic : including vulgar end decimal fractions, rule of three, practice, interest, mensuration 400 Marks

Algebra: Definitions and elementary processes, factors, fractions, highest common divisor and lowest common multiple, indices, equations up to easy quadratics at two unknowns, and problems arising from them - 400 Marks

Geometry : Euclid, Books I., II., and III, with easy deductions - 400 Marks

1,200 Marks


Handwriting, dictation, reading with intelligence, and composition, to include the writing of a letter on some ordinary subject, and the reproduction of a passage read to Candidates 400 Marks


Translation from Latin into English, and from English into Latin prose; grammatical questions - 8OO Marks


Translation from French into English. and from English into French prose; grammatical questions, dictation and conversation 400 Marks


The examination in this subject will cover the History of England from the date of the, Norman Conquest to present times ; but about two-thirds of the marks assigned to the whole subject Will be allotted 10 questions relating to the period subsequent to the accession of Queen Elizabeth - 200 Marks


The elements of physical and political geography with special reference to the geography of the British Empire - 200 Marks

Total 3200 Marks



(a) Freehand and simple rectangular model, or (6) geometrical - 200 Marks



Elementary trigonometry, including solution of right angled triangles, and harder questions in arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, as defined in Class I., with the addition of Euclid, Book VI., Propositions 1-12 - 400 Marks


Translation from German into English, rind from English into German prose; grammatical questions, dictation, and conversation - 400 Marks


Mechanics with either (a) physics, or (b) chemistry - 400 Marks


Definition and measure Gf length, time, velocity, acceleration, force, couple, composition of two forces acting at a point, the equilibrium of a body capable of turning about an axis ; centre of mass; definition and illustrations of work IOW energy, and simple examples of the conservation of energy.


The characteristics of matter in its various states of solid, liquid, vapour. gas ; the method of determining mass and density ; the laws of Boyle and Chalks ; the effects of heat on bodies, the production of heat ; the methods of transference of heat ; the measurement of heat and of temperature.


The element of inorganic chemistry, including the more obvious physical and chemical properties of common minerals, metals, acids, and other substances, oxidation and reduction.

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